the Best Websites for Printable ESL Worksheets

ESL lesson planning can be difficult. Even the most experienced ESL teacher lean on outside resources to plan ESL lessons. There are many dozen websites at least partially dedicated to hosting printable worksheets and games for ESL lessons as well as for preschool through primary school lessons, which make up the bulk of ESL class age-groups.

The North American TEFL Team has put together a list of what we think are the best websites for printable ESL worksheets. Some of these websites focus on ESL grammar worksheets while some focus on ESL worksheets for kindergarten and everything in between.

ESL Printables is a one-stop-shop for ESL materials. They offer English worksheets for kids and ESL activities for adults. Their website is laid out simply and you can at least one variety of just about anything you would need in the classroom.

Kids Pages offers, as the name suggests, ESL worksheets for kids. Their ESL exercises are basic and easy to adapt to a variety of lesson plans.

English Club is another one-stop-shop. They have great ESL grammar worksheets and reading comprehension worksheets, something most sites lack. There are free printable ESL worksheets for all ages, and they even have ESL listening practice material.

Home School BaBa offers a unique approach to teaching early learners. While this is not a traditional ESL website, they do offer many free printable worksheets for preschoolers and primary school students.

ESL Tower has ESL activities that can be printed or can be adapted into your lesson plan through directions. There are a ton of ESL activities that go beyond your standard fill-in-the blank ESL worksheets.