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Categorized by country, below is a list of education organizations that our new TEFL teachers can reach out to.

English Teaching Jobs in China

English Teaching Jobs in Japan

Hitokoe Yokohama International School

Hitokoe Yokohama International School an American & Japanese-owned & operated Montessori international kindergarten in Yokohama, Japan (Japan's second largest city, just one hour from Tokyo).

AEON Corporation

AEON Corporation is a private English language education company with branches all over Japan. Contact AEON to learn how you can get started with your career as an English teacher in Japan.

English Teaching Jobs in the Philippines

ONE International School Philippines

Located on the grounds of a 5-star resort on the beautiful Philippine island of Negros Oriental, ONE International School is a UK-registered Preschool, Elementary and Middle School. As this tourist hot-spot grows so does the demand for quality education. ONE International School aims to meet that demand while exceeding educational standards. If you want to live in a tropical paradise while teaching at a modern school system with a tried and true adapted British curriculum, reach out to ONE International School.

English Teaching Jobs in Taiwan

HESS International Educational Group

Founded in 1983, HESS International Educational Group is the largest and most recognized private language school in Taiwan. HESS employs more than 600 native English-speaking teachers in 200+ HESS schools across Taiwan. Their staff has more than 35 years of experience looking after both new and experienced teachers just like you. At HESS, you will work in a stable, well-established educational organization where that aim of teachers is to inspire young learners.

Foreign English Teachers Project

The Foreign English Teachers Project is administered by the Ministry of Education of Taiwan, providing professional English teachers to the public schools of Taiwan, kindergarten through secondary school. Contact the FET Project to learn more.

English Teaching Jobs in Thailand

Srithammara Suksa School

The Srithammara Suksa School is a Christian school located in Nakon Si Thammarat, Thailand. Originally, an American school founded over a century ago, Srithammara Suksa now has over 5000 students from pre-kindergarten to senior high school. Reach out to Srithammara Suksa for a unique living and working experience in Thailand.

 Teach English Abroad (all markets)

i Teach International

From Asia to Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and even Europe: i Teach International can connect qualified TEFL professionals with employers across the globe.

ESL List

ESL List is a global job opportunity hosting platform. Whether you are aiming to work in Asia, Europe, or beyond, ESL List works with schools across the globe and provides reviews for those schools.

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