Press Release: Launches New E-Learning Platform enables newly qualified language tutors to work from home, teach and earn an income, online.

On 13 October 2020 launched their e-learning platform that sets it apart from the rest. They welcome newly qualified tutors and create a platform for new tutors with zero experience to practice their skills and earn an income. This enables new tutors to gain experience and get a return on their educational investment.

Their focus was not only education, but equally, teacher development and empowerment. They cater for new and experienced, formally qualified teachers as well as unqualified skills teachers.

They make it possible for individuals to teach skills without an official qualification, while sharing the wealth of knowledge they possess. They also make it possible for students to access formal accredited tutors to assist them in their life pursuits.

The platform enables all people to teach a skill, language or academic subject to enable skills transfer and knowledge sharing. In the past a secretary with 20 years’ experience or an artist with 10 years’ experience could not share knowledge or generate an income from their skills. This is all about to change and for too long, these skills remained, “locked.” It seems by first impressions, that has finally unlocked these skills for students to access.

There have been platforms that offered academic tutors, then there were those that offered life skilled tutors, then there were those that offered languages and those that offered other subjects. This platform offers them all in one place and includes a management, financial control and scheduling system that effectively runs the tutor’s business for them. has tutors that are officially qualified and that teach the academic side of a subject. Then they have skills-based teachers that will share their knowledge and experience online. This way the student gets the academic view and the practical view, all in one place. “Qualified” and “unqualified experienced,” individuals are all treated with the same respect and are given the equal opportunity to share and benefit financially from their education or their experience in the workplace. The platform looks after the interests of students and teachers by vetting applications from tutors and selecting only the most relevant, before allowing them access to the platform as tutors.

With COVID-19 many people found themselves in a situation where they had skills like, sales training, motivational speaking, life coaching, official and unofficial language teaching, academic lecturing and even psychological consulting, but could no longer get to their audience or clients due to restrictions. has changed that. All tutors can now meet their students in a virtual meeting place and assist each other like never before.

Tutors that have value to add are no longer restricted due to the lack of a formal qualification. Tutors can set up their current student base on the platform and tutors are rewarded for work done and referrals made in the way of reduced platform fees. This platform manages and schedules the tutor’s teaching business for them while connecting them with students. This platform provides what the student needs – academic and practical experience all in the same space. realizes that there are millions of people that have knowledge, want to share it, want to derive revenue from it and want to teach and enrich others. This platform makes that possible. Their free sign up allows anyone from any background to access and benefit from the platform. As this platform self populates over time, tutors will be able to teach anything to anyone at any time and students will be able to learn anything from anyone at any time.

Companies can now educate their staff, qualify them and have a platform at where they can connect their newly trained staff with a tutor that has 20- or 30-years’ experience to add the finishing touches before introducing them to the workplace. Students walk away better equipped for the future, companies get workplace ready staff and skilled people get to generate revenue from their experience or education. is the future of education where academic knowledge and workplace experience meet.

Author: St John Ritchie

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