An Aspiring American Author Teaching English in China

Why Did I Decide to Teach English in China?

I never thought I would decide to live in China. Even a couple years ago if you had told me that one day I would be living in China as an English teacher I would have laughed. Yet that is exactly what I am doing. Back in America, after graduating from university I couldn’t find many opportunities, even the ones I did find had long hours with little pay. However, after talking with the head of Opportunity for China (a partner of the North American TEFL Academy) I found an opportunity.

I was given an opportunity that fitted exactly what I was looking for (a small city where I could save money and experience authentic Chinese culture). Now because I am in China, I am able to save money, learn about Chinese culture, and have many different experiences I couldn’t have had back home. I even rescued a stray dog just a month after living here.

I am a wannabe author and I can tell you, living here in China has given me a lot to contribute to the book I am currently writing, with the sheer volume of experiences I have had while here both professionally and personally. For example, every day I have people say hello to me and be amazed simply because they said hello to a foreigner, and the moments in class when you see a student have a eureka moment and learn something new about English.

China has made me a stronger, better, and more experienced individual, I am glad I made the choice to come to China to teach English as a foreign language.

Logan F.
14 May, 2019

*When the book is ready to publish, you will find a link here.
For now, you can find me on YouTube.