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The North American TEFL Academy was founded by Americans who once sought to internationalize their social and career prospects, and now aim to give others the same opportunity. Becoming TEFL certified is an easy but necessary first step to becoming an English teacher in a foreign country or online.

Not only will a TEFL certification earned through our program provide new teachers with that necessary credential, but the curriculum has also been developed for self-paced learning, providing the most fundamental knowledge of teaching English as a foreign language and the market for English teaching more generally.

Our Story

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TEFL affiliate opportunitiesWe are offering opportunities for bloggers, vloggers, and podcasters to monetize their content by helping us get the word out. Just fill out a simple application form, and if accepted, we will provide you all the tools needed to begin.

Offer your audience an opportunity to earn more income remotely as an online English teacher, or give them the chance to see the world while gainfully employed as an English teacher in a foreign country by partnering with the North American TEFL Academy.

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free guest blogging and guest postsDo you have a story to tell about your experience teaching English as a foreign language?
Great! We are always hiring freelance writers who add stories to our guest blog.

Do you have an existing blog or other content space germane to the ESL / TEFL industry?
We always welcome industry partners to write relevant content on our platform; this can provide exposure for you and/or your project and we will actively promote your cause.

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Requirements for Teaching English abroad

Are you a human resources professional, a content creator, or the owner-operator of an educational organization that hires TEFL-certified professionals?

We will help you get the word out about your organization. If your organization can benefit our teachers, then we are 100% on board to promote awareness of your organization and its employment opportunities to our audience.

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